Frequently Asked Questions

What types of plants does the Jungle Nursery specialize in?

The Jungle Nursery is a 25-acre production nursery specializing in the highest quality exterior color items, interior foliage and specialty-form ornamentals.

How many years has the Jungle Nursery been in business?

The Jungle Nursery opened originally in 1981 and closed in 1992 after Hurricane Andrew. Always innovating and recreating ourselves as times demand, the nursery reopened in 1998 and has been expanding ever since.

How much experience does the staff at the Jungle Nursery have in the ornamental industry?

Between them, Sandy and Robin have fifty years experience. Include our sales and ornamental growing staff, and we combine for more than 85 years of excellence in ornamentals.

What states and countries can the Jungle Nursery ship to?

We are certified to ship to all 50 states, including California, Arizona, Texas and Louisiana. We service the entire Caribbean as well.

Are any products retail-ready?

All products can be made retail ready with 4-color waterproof care tags that include a high-quality plant photo, retrofitted into a smooth-sided new pot, shipped in retail-ready racks.

Who are The Jungle Nursery Inc’s customers?

The Jungle Nursery caters to both re-wholesalers and Independent Garden Centers alike. Our customers are both large and small. We so cater to your needs that freight concerns, pre-booking, and additional product location are easily handled by our extremely knowledgeable and caring staff.

How has The Jungle Nursery Inc. achieved its high level of success through the years?

We demand a lot from ourselves, that’s how. Our plants are grown to the highest quality standards. We insist on your complete satisfaction with every order you receive from us!