A Proud History of Selection and Service.

    The Jungle Nursery first opened its doors in 1981 as a foliage nursery. With the advent of Hurricane Andrew, the nursery closed for 5 1/2 years. An unwavering passion for agriculture and ornamental horticulture drove Founder Sandy Stein and his wife, Robin, to reopen the nursery in 1998 with an even more expansive line of plants, including cold-tolerant palms and outdoor ornamentals.

    Today, the Jungle Nursery supplies all 50 states with the highest quality, pest-free, plants. Many clients have been with us since inception, some are newfound friends. Both enjoy the finest customer service from order through after the delivery.

    Just as it has since 1988, our brokerage division, The Foliage Link, continues to supply a full line of interior and exterior plants to garden centers and re-wholesalers.

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