Our ever-evolving collection of exterior and interior plants

Our current collection has been inspired by both our customer’s suggestions and what we introduced and have seen our customers succeed with.

    Select Tropical Color Items

    Offering a distinctive group of the finest in colorful and fragrant spring bloomers.

  • Exterior Color
  • Select Exterior Palms and Cycads

    Garden Center favorites that look great in landscapes or in decorative containers.

  • Exterior Palms & Cycads
  • Select Exterior Trees and Specimen Landscape Plants

    Not too shabby, all chosen to stand out in a crowd.

  • Exterior Trees & Shrubs
  • Interior Foliage

    Yes, we grow Crotons, but check out these other excellent choices for Interiors. New arrivals that will be available over the next year: Ficus Alii standards and Ficus lyrata bush and standards. Not pictured, though part of our current inventory: Sansevieria cylindrica and Sansevieria hahni varieities.

  • Interior Foliage
  • Our Specialty Collection

    Whether for Holidays or pure novelty, this ever-evolving list will win your customers over. Beautiful varieties that will be available over the next year: Eugenia globulosa, Dwarf Jade, and specialty-shaped Serissa.

  • Interior Foliage